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Originally Posted by blackdot_fit View Post
i totally feel you on this. this is why i am replacing the PSL with the PST! more power, and almost the same great feel! i say "almost" because it has a thicker beam and a bit more open stringbed.

in all honesty, though, i can't quite handle the PSL yet! i'm far too out of shape for this frame, but you can bet your bottom dollar that i'll be back with the PSL as my primary stick just as soon as i can lose some pounds.

i love that the Pure Storm Ltd rewards great technique! if you're fit, and you're a ball striker, look no further.
You make a great point. I've gotten in great shape this year, and I think I've "outgrown" my K6.1 95 (16x1.

I played with this stick last night (1 set of singles and 5 dbls), and wow. I was in heaven.

I tried the KBlade Tour, but this one seems to have a bit more pop (for me). Maybe it's just a tad lighter, and slightly more open than the 93sq in frame.

Good observation, and one that I probably couldn't notice without your explicit commentary.
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