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Originally Posted by chizzle View Post
Do you guys think that this stick is too light for guys on tour to play with it? I think I only know of 1 player (I want to say R. Bopanna, a doubles guy), that I've seen play with this stick.

Makes sense since you can carve some things up with it at the net....

Still though, seems like a good stick for the all around payer. I suppose there aren't that many "all arounders" who don't already have a stick..?

What do you guys think?
Honestly, probably not enough power to be tour. I think people hail it as a S/V stick, but at that level, the Pro Staff would probably be a better option.

Great choice for those who can't wield a 12oz+ stick. I think we represent a very small population that enjoys ultra headlight racquets with low swingweights. If I was more competitive and in better shape, I would switch to a K90 or K88.
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