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it's really a nice thing to see more and more PSL loyalists out there!

for anyone who has yet to try lead, go out and grab some 1/4 oz. fishing weights from wal-mart (the egg shaped ones) and throw two (2) in the buttcap (hehe) and give it a dry swing. this will add a half ounce, and put you at about 12.3 oz. you'll find that the PSL swings much easier than stock, and can handle a heavy ball with more ease. give it a try! i'm loving this setup! while you out getting fishing weights, pick up the 1/8 oz bag of weights in case you find the 1/4 oz ones to be too heavy.

for some reason, i can't stand putting lead in the hoop! i wish there was another way to add lead the top half of the frame. whenever i try lead at 3 and 9, it takes so much feel away from the stringbed! i know i'm not dreaming, because i've seriously tried this about 10 times. the LAST time was this past weekend. i won't ever go back to lead in the hoop (on this frame, anyway) ever again.

also, i recommend buying an inexpensive stringing machine! i just picked up a Gamma X-2 last week and i've been able to try so many different string setups and tensions, and i'm getting very, very close to my ideal setup. hey, it's even shown be that no matter how soft the poly, i just can't play with it! i don't have a fast enough swing, so it's syn guts, multis for me. and best of all, i'm saving a ton of money in labor costs.
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