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Originally Posted by davidahenry View Post
I am not sure he is actively maintaining that site any longer. I sent him some photos of my SAM Pro-Master last Fall - he never replied, and the photos never appeared on the site.

Take care.

I e-mailed Al 2 or 3 weeks ago and this was his reply:

Hi, Dan
Yes, I still accept them for eventual inclusion on the site. I can't currently make any promise on timelines to get them incorporated (due to my work schedule), but I have been accumulating (and still wish to accumulate) more photos to go on the site.

Al Ruscelli
Stringing Machine Photo Library

Al has a pretty cool site with a lot of photo's. I'm sure it's like anything you start that ends up being good. It gets bigger than you. I started a Community Tennis Association about 4 years ago in the town I live in. I thought we'd have a few USTA league teams and 50 members or so. There is now about 400 members and 50 teams. Good things tend to morph into real good things.
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