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Originally Posted by dgdawg View Post
I e-mailed Al 2 or 3 weeks ago and this was his reply:

Hi, Dan
Yes, I still accept them for eventual inclusion on the site. I can't currently make any promise on timelines to get them incorporated (due to my work schedule), but I have been accumulating (and still wish to accumulate) more photos to go on the site.

Al Ruscelli
Stringing Machine Photo Library

Al has a pretty cool site with a lot of photo's. I'm sure it's like anything you start that ends up being good. It gets bigger than you. I started a Community Tennis Association about 4 years ago in the town I live in. I thought we'd have a few USTA league teams and 50 members or so. There is now about 400 members and 50 teams. Good things tend to morph into real good things.
Good to know! Thanks for the update. Perhaps my photos are in the stash he has been accumulating. IMO, his site is a very valuable resource for stringers and people looking to buy new machine, and I hope he can continue to maintain it.

Take care.

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