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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I have a question about singles sticks.

My partner and I warmed up as usual, and I was to serve first. I started double-faulting my head off. Just could not get the serve over the net. It was a long game, and I eventually held. Then I noticed that the singles sticks were still in.

Could this have had anything to do with the double-faults? Does it change the height of the net compared to a doubles net?

'Cause I blamed it on the singles sticks!
Singles sticks move the height of the net at the doubles sideline to the singles sideline.....the height at the strap is the result the net is slightly higher everywhere but at the strap.......

Is it high enough to make a difference in recreational play? Maybe...Maybe not.....I think it was probably more psychological than anything else......
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