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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Played a singles match for my USTA team the other day - we were playing away at an upscale private club. Prior to our arriving there, they had put up singles sticks on the two courts designated for the singles lines. I thought that was a nice touch, since honestly I can't remember when last I saw singles sticks in use for league play.

So... how common is it to find them used in leagues? Do you have them in place for your home matches?
Our home courts are even better. They have "singles courts".

(The netposts are where the singles sticks would go, just like the ones you see on TV)

However they also dont have doubles alleys which freaks out a lot of people because it looks strange.

Singles sticks would raise the net over the singles sideline, but it wont raise it much near the center. (since the center strap holds the net down to the proper height) Maybe it would affect a serve if it was on an extreme angle.

What I find in some official tournaments is that the nets are usually at the exact proper height but they seem high if we're used to playing on outdoor public courts where very few nets are at the proper height.
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