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I sincerely wish the whole family well and hope things work out for the young man. Now that Jan is back in Norcal, he'll be playing tournaments again up here again and I'd like to see what the whole hoopla is about.

But it leaves me to wonder if the family were taken for a ride by the French Tennis Academy? doing a two step, after some reflection, wanting out of this relationship/partership without looking bad? From a momentary point of view, I wonder how much they (the Academy) were investing?
I never trusted that french academy. In every news story the owner said over and over "we are investing $140,000 US per year in Jan".

The family was housed in a tiny villa onsite and Jan trained along all the other kids.....ain't where near $140,000 in costs. I don't trust people that inflate things like that for effect.

I think the academy thought they would get tons of free American press and maybe have lots of rich American tennis kids going over there and paying big bucks. When it didn't happen they started pulling the deal back.
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