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Nah. I saw the video of the little villa they were living in. It was onsite and already there, maybe would rent for $800/month. The meals were part of the cafeteria. The program and facilities is not near an IMG...perhaps worth $25,000/year.

The entire package is more like half of what the owner kept touting. People who do that are running a con game.
IF they are doing private daily lessons, 2 a day 80hr 160x5=800 a week x4 weeks =3200x12months=$38,400.00 So you can possibly be spending that much alone on the privates , Then you have clinics all week, the housing, the food ,the travel they were spending on them and from what i was told the they were paying for the older boys travel to and from the US also, but the worth of that type of package for a whole family to live there and travel to and from the US and pay for there travel cost 140 ,000 doesn't seem that far fetched at all .
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