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Originally Posted by jetlee2k View Post
I am cleaning up my mid plus frames and I saw some interesting stuff.. I have a few Head Radical Tour which look identical to PRO Tour so I CAP them all up and weight.. here are some pictures

The CAP radical Tour & PT630 CAP weight about 320g (no leather grip, no string). Put on string and leather grip, dampener it weight up to 350g.

I took them both out for a spin and quite to my surprise both play alot & alot better with the CAP on.. Very stable ground strokes & solid in the volleys.. I felt both are identical in term of playing and feel.. so is that Radical Tour just difference name or the ones I have just a paint job of the actuall PT630.. I will show the overlay pictures of both next..
Yeah the Pro Tour 630, Radical Tour 630, and Radical Tour TwinTube 630 both cosmetics all used the same molds. In 1999 with the Ti.Radical MP is when the Radical MP mold changed.

I found the yellow and black Radical Tour 630 to be stiffer than the Pro Tour 630.
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