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^^Have not gotten around to reading this but I'm looking forward to it. Great excerpt.
For me personally, the biggest strides I've made in my game this year have been mental. It's incredibly hard to focus for 1-2 hours at a time, but I have worked really hard at it and it's paid dividends. I think running long distances has helped me with this. Also, I do not let my mind wander during matches. I focus on things like my strings, the balls, my shoelaces, etc. to keep me from doing so between games & sets.
I know I have an opponent on the ropes when they start looking at the court next to us between points and games. I have them right where I want them!
You wouldn't have me on the ropes if I were looking at the court next to us. Everyone focuses differently. Right now I'm studying for my CCNA and I study differently than anybody I know. I read for a while, but I do things while I'm reading, like go on here or check my mail or whatever. But the distractions help me focus better for some reason because I'm relaxed and I somehow retain everything. It's odd but it works. Same thing on a court. I might look over at another court or they might look at me. I find focus rather easy, and as I mentioned in another thread you have to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you deserve to play great tennis. Believe in that and you'll get much farther than any 2 bit advice most people give.
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