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Originally Posted by 35ft6 View Post
It's really cool how good he is but on Youtube there are a lot of other kids his age with videos posted and I honestly can't say he's the best of his age. Lots of the other kids actually look better.
when i look at Jan all i see is a child who is more advanced then those of his age group , therefore you have a great foundation to start with ,dopes that mean he's the next great thing "NO" but you have someone that has some things that will allow him to advance for that goal and have a better chance at it .

I pull for him big time as do i for Madison Keyes ,and other kids i beleive have a chance ,they are American and iwant them to sucseeed ! the rest of the so-called coaches and parents on here who are hoping they will fail are real winners.

I hope Jan is playing my son one day at the French Open or Ausi or Us in the finals showing how great our nation is through our children who weve raised!!
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