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Originally Posted by johnathan smith View Post
Scott is a good man and had his kids best interest at heart.
It's not like they were living hand to mouth in France. That was an experiance that those kids can use for the rest of the their lives.
It's not like their childhood is over at 7 and 13...
There is plenty of time left to "continue" to enjoy their youth.
I wish them nothing but the best.
Somehow I think the fact that mom and dad split up might be a little more important to the kids than their "experiance" in France.

It has nothing to do with wishing them the best or not. It was a supremely dumb decision to uproot 3 kids, sell their house and cars, quit their jobs, and move to a country they had never been before....because a 5 year old hit a tennis ball that was fed to him very well.

The PC on this board cracks me up.
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