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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
So you're saying that (in doubles), you can hit the same passing shot at the 3.5 man at net and a 3.5 woman at net and the woman will be more likely to make a hash of the volley? Really?

I have to say, one of my biggest problems in mixed is that the only time I get to play mixed is during a match. I get a 10-minute warm-up, and then Wham. The match starts, and I have to adjust to different pace and different spin.

Even then, I do get the hang of it, usually around the middle of the second set. If I practiced with 3.5 guys as often as I practice with 3.5 women, I think I wouldn't have this unfortunate adjustment period in my mixed matches.

The problem I have with spin/pace tend to be with groundies and returns. I don't think the spin and pace are as big of a problem when I'm at net. After all, it is much easier to volley a ball that comes with pace than one where you have to create your own pace. Right?

That said, I do have a question of sorts for Raiden: What do 3.5/4.0 women partners bring to the table in mixed?
I think that a typical 3.5 male will handle balls I hit at them while they're at the net better than a 3.5 female would usually. Not only that, but the 3.5 male can reach more shots because they are more agile, taller, faster, and has developed more anticipation because they are used to dealing with tougher shots.

That said, I do have a question of sorts for Raiden: What do 3.5/4.0 women partners bring to the table in mixed?
What does a 3.0 woman partnered with you add to the table?

By partnering with a 3.5/4.0 woman, its never going to be as intense for me as playing a men's match, thats for sure. Its a more relaxing environment. I get to work on my defensive game more and work on poaching more difficult shots. The better the partner, the more fun the match, male or female. Its not about gender. Its about finding the best partner to play with. I wish I could partner with a female who was better than me. I wish I could face one in singles.
There's no place for pushers in doubles.
Federer leads 5-4 against Nadal on non-clay surfaces.

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