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Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
What does a 3.0 woman partnered with you add to the table?

It depends on the 3.0 woman, as they are individuals. Some bring consistent groundies. Some bring excellent court coverage. Some bring precise placement and overall craftiness. Some bring a weapon, like a big serve or a FH.

My decision to dump 6.5 combo play isn't because my partners are weaker than I am, necessarily. Nor is it that they don't bring anything to the table.

It is because (1) I've done it for five seasons and have learned all I think there is to learn from the experience; (2) it was leading me to develop some bad habits; and (3) I only have so much time for tennis, so if I am going to play at a higher level, something has to give.

Raiden, have you ever played 7.5 mens combo as a 4.0 guy? Don't you think your 3.5 partners bring something to the table, even though they are rated lower than you? Don't they have some elements of their game that are stronger than yours? If they do, is it impossible that a woman playing mixed with you also brings something to the table?

My point is that your female partners probably do bring something to the table. I think it is just a matter of looking for it and appreciating it for its differences.
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