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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
First, standing close to the net, IMHO, is a sign of someone who is *not* comfortable playing the net. The very weakest volleyers can be found there. They will not take a deeper position in the court; it is harder to volley there.

Second, you are kind of assuming the ground you're standing on. The 3.5 guys I have seen the most *do not* poach and are not aggressive at net.

Third, you are correct that what matters is what happens in a match. In my matches, my male partners seem to want me to be conservative in my net play. So that is what I do. If my partner thinks he can hold without my help, I am fine with that. How do we leap to the fact that he is a better net player than I am?

Why have both of my regular partners complimented my net player, with one saying he'd love to trade his BH volley for mine? I refuse to believe that I am some freak of nature because I can play the net and like to do so.
Im surprised you say they dont poach much especially given the strength of your area.

Sucks that you feel restricted in your play because you are told what to do. I hate when partners tell me how to play. Maybe its time to find a new team for next year where you will find a partner to let you play your game.
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