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Someone correct me if I am wrong please. I thought Harvard was founded by the Massachusetts State Legislature as an independent school of no religious leanings. The name Harvard came from John Harvard, who donated hundreds of books to start the first library at the school.

I believe John Harvard was a clergyman, but they used his name because he donated the library, not for any religious reasons. Below is a passage from Harvard's own website. It seems to say that the school was founded to battle the Churches teachings:

"The College was never formally affiliated with a specific religious denomination. An early brochure, published in 1643, justified the College's existence: "To advance Learning and perpetuate it to Posterity; dreading to leave an illiterate Ministry to the Churches."
They were battling the teaching of the Catholic Church at that time period they were called "protestants" protesters of the catholic church and its teachings. IN a book i read Harvard had 3 grads that were taught by the professors that there was and "anglo-saxon" race superior to all others and they were Charles Warren, Rob De Courcy Ward and Prescott Farnsworth. Theres a lot of History to our country!

They also were teaching people to be doctors to head out into the missionary field , I will do my best to go through some of my books to locate exact references.
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