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Originally Posted by chess9 View Post
Short of competition, what is the metric for determining which child is going to be Pete Sampras, which is going to be John Lucas, and which is going to the University of North Dakota, Hoople Extension, Night Division?

Apparently the metric must be which kids have the best You Tube videos or whose parents are interested in seeking out the most press coverage.

This tennis prodigy thing is a funny thing. Last Saturday I was in PA and went to my nephew's baseball game. The walk way went right by these 2 old tennis courts with weeds growing in the cracks. I saw this little girl hitting balls out of a Tennis Twist machine with her dad. I heard that sweet sound of a ball being hit just right again and again. We went over to the fence and watched. After she was done, these 2 eight year old boys on the other court came over and 'played' against her.

This little girl wacked ball after ball from the baseline, almost taking the racquet out of these boys hands. She put balls over them, between them, right at them. She covered the court extremely well. It was an amazing sight.

I then got to talking with her dad. He was so low key, saying she just liked hitting tennis balls and seemed to pick it up naturally. No boasts of Wimbleton wins or pro careers or press coverage.

I then asked how old she was......"4 and a half" he said. "Holy cr--p" I said!

My point is these kids are everywhere, mostly anonymous. And no one can convince me that that little girl is any less of a prospect for a great pro career than these kids getting press coverage or whose parents boast on these boards.
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