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The top girl on our high school team is a Freshman. She's *good* ... and doesn't even know how good she is.

I pulled mom off to the side when the #1 wasn't playing in the Regional Tourney and warned her about all the Coaches and Instructors who were going to fill all their heads with "smoke" about what they could do to help advance #1's tennis career. Mom told me two Instructors had already introduced themselves....

I know most of these guys. I could see them angling to corner mom. So I tried to do it first. (I'm the Boys Coach; not Girls. But I still feel an obligation to help our kids and their families.) Mom asked me if I would work with the girl. I told her I didn't think I was the right fit ... and pointed-out who I thought *was*. (We'll see....)

My beef is ... a lot of these Instructors motivation is really to "use" the kid to help promote the Instructor; not to truly help the player. (I know. I'm a bit cynical.)

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