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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl View Post

My beef is ... a lot of these Instructors motivation is really to "use" the kid to help promote the Instructor; not to truly help the player. (I know. I'm a bit cynical.)

- KK
Reminds me of a friend of mine who is a bit of a prankster. She was trying
to lose a few lbs (maybe like 10 or 15) and called up the local national
chain dieting program that rhymes with the current 007 actor's last name.
After talking to them briefly on the phone, my friend for some reason
decided they were just sales robots and the following conversation ensued:

my friend: I'm really just looking for easy to make meals to eat and I
noticed you guys have a lot of pre-made foods.
JC rep: You're not trying to lose weight?
my friend: Oh no. I'm fine. I'm already thin. I lost like 100 lbs last year.
JC rep: Really!? OMG! I've struggling to lose weight and
it's sooo hard. How did you do it?
my friend: I just stopped eating and smoked cigarettes.
JC rep: That works?!
my friend: Oh yeah, like a charm.
JC rep: Do you have any pictures of you when you were fat? We'd love
to use you for before and after picture testimonial.
my friend: I think I might.
JC rep: Can you look for them?
my friend: Okay.
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