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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Yeah, what's with the spectators who come up to you later and say, "You called a lot of balls in that were out. You should pay more attention."

Um . . . if you're giving benefit of the doubt, that's unavoidable, right?
Hmm interesting, but Ronaldo has a good point. I on the other hand, only take credibility from friends who might tell me that, that I know wont be messing with me. I has happened to me: on a match point, a friend went for the lob against the guy on the net, the ball landed a couple of inches out, and I thought I saw it clearly. My friend was really upset the guy called it out, thinking he got robbed. My brother, who was next to me on the other hand, saw it in . So for the guy who lost, my friend, it might have been more upseting that we got kinda involved on it, cause my brother said from outside the court: "that was in!". Sometimes when trying to help you do more harm So if asked, I find its better to say "I wasnt looking"; only when things are really goin outta hand, with a full-throttle line thief will I get involved if a friend is getting ripped off.
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