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Originally Posted by SlapShot View Post
I just bottled up my IPA homebrew last week.....waiting for it to carbonate. Initial testing shows that it is definitely a mouf'-hurtin' brew.

In other news, my new favorite warm weather beer has to be the Widmer Drifter pale ale. Just enough hop flavor to excite the palate, but nice and smooth on the way down.

And for folks who have access to Summit beers, their new Horizon Red is FANTASTIC. A bit tough to find right now, but supply should meet demand sometime soon.

Lagunitas is a wonderful IPA. I've been drinking a bit too much of it lately, though.

I tried a Torpedo last night - found it to be waaay too sweet - almost had a candy-sugar flavor to it. What I'd consider a "people-friendly" IPA - the sweet definitely seems to offset the hop flavor.
Torpedo too sweet? no way...maybe u got a strange batch...or i did. definitely a bitter beer.
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