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Of course Lendl and Wilander should be added but if people add Cochet, I would venture to say that Hans Nusslein would be perhaps be even greater than Cochet on clay. Cochet never won a set from Nusslein and Nusslein according to some sources defeated Vines a good majority of the time on clay.

Here are some quotes about Nusslein from McCauley's book. Tilden decribes Nusslein as "a machine with a brain" and ranked Nusslein very high. Budge said "Nusslein is the finest player I ever saw." Bottom line is that clay was Nusslein's best surface.

I understand the best book on Nusslein is written by Robert Geist but it's in German.

By the way one minor other UNKNOWN player may be in consideration for being a top clay court player, just a little player named Rod Laver. Laver defeated Rosewall in a number of clay tournaments and while Rosewall was superior on clay, Laver did almost always give him a battle on the surface.

I would throw in Nastase too.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see a peak Nastase on red clay with his speed and touch against Nadal's heavy topspin and power?

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