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Default kirbster123 - has been unresponsive after I sent out my racket

I haven't ever had a problem dealing with anyone on the TT forums and this is my first time having to do this.

But kirbster123 - agreed to a trade with me.

for a N61 16x18 - 4 3/8 racket.

He confirmed the trade on 10th of May. I sent the racket out on the 11th of May with a scanned copy of the receipt sent.

I followed him up on the 13th of May just confirming he's sent the racket, I waited three days for a reply and again I followed him up on the 16th.

He was ultra responsive when communicating about what my racket was like - response time was within hours. But ever since my racket was sent I have not had a single reply.

Now I like to give people the benefit of the doubt maybe he's been away but the fact is he has been active on these forums, in my mind is either I am missing something or something is seriously wrong....

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and posting on the 17/5 and also 15/5.
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