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Originally Posted by blakesq View Post
The problem is geometry. If you are receiving a serve, and the ball catches the "back" of the line, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the receiver to see the ball in or out. The receiver's line of sight is blocked by the ball, and hence, you cannot call a ball in or out if it catches the back of the line, or if it is just barely out. Thus, you should rely on your partner.
Right! I was in a 4.0 USTA match and my partner was recieving, The serve clearly caught the back of the line, he missed and I walked back to recieve and he then called it a fault. I hated to do it but I said no, it was in.
Funny thing was the other team wanted to give him another chance at the ball even though they thought the serve was good!!!! So they served to him again!
Crazy stuff.
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