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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
When I play doubles and am the non-receiving partner, I stand on the service line and face the other half of the court. As the server starts serving, I manage to watch him/her impact the ball, and also quickly see the ball bounce. I don't think it would be feasible in a pro match, but I find that I need both views to accurately judge whether the ball is in or out. The overall trajectory, plus what happens near the service line. I am then usually completely confident about the call and will try to overrule my partner if he/she contradicts me.

I am thinking now if just focusing on the service line will work.
I think you are right because I practice the same thing (watching the whole trajectory of the ball, not just staring at the line).

Half the time when you are looking at the line if it's a good enough serve, you just see a yellow blur go across the line and obviously you cant call it out, but that doesnt mean it wasnt out.

Maybe it's true that you have a better shot at it then the receiver, but it's still silly to me that everyone thinks it's an actual rule that it's YOUR JOB to call that one. Ive had partners make horrible line calls going the other way as well.
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