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Originally Posted by PimpMyGame View Post
Secondly, our league is competitive but nonetheless social. The average player will express frustration if calls are not right but at the same time will not attempt any hooking or gamesmanship. Therefore by gauging my opponents' reactions to calls and comparing them to my "personal" call I know very quickly when my partner is calling too tight.
This is interesting, PimpMyGame. I don't think I factor my opponents' reactions into my assessment of whether we are perhaps not giving benefit of the doubt as a matter of course.

In fact, I think the louder and more quickly the opponents flip out over a dubious call, the more likely I am to stay out of it unless I saw it differently and thus am planning to overrule.

I mean, you know how it goes. Partner calls a close ball out. Opponents charge the net aggressively, scowling, making their case, questioning my partner. That this happens in a match won't make me think my partner is calling lines too tight. Some opponents are just the type to question everything and assume you are hooking them from jump street. I have a former captain who seemed to think the whole world was out to hook her, to the point of telling her players to expect to be hooked by such-and-such team and to make sure to hook them back. So if someone like that is questioning a call, that doesn't mean the call was wrong or even that a reasonable opponent would think it was wrong.

When it (opponents questioning a particular partner's calls) happens over a series of matches, that would give me pause though.
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