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Default I thought it would never happen again, but...

This afternoon I lost to a pusher for the first time in years. I never thought it was going to happen again but it did. The guy just moonballed me to death. The worst thing was the short balls, I was actually playing ok and kept forcing the short ball or the very weak serve return and then just kept hitting errors off them. I'm not in the best of shape at the moment and he also kept hitting moonballs followed by a drop shots. I would get to the drops but hit an error off them again.

I feel like I beat myself. It was all mental on my part, the frustration built and I know that's why I lost.

I thought I had passed through this phase but I guess one gets to revisit it once in a while . In the end he was the better player on the day and deserves the credit but it was very humbling as an experience.

The moral of the story? Always be prepared for every type of player, even once you think you've "passed the level"
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