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I was talking to my No. 1 singles player (3.5). She lost recently, and a particular shot from her opponent was giving her fits.

Opponent would hit a deep moonball to the center of the baseline. My friend said she didn't know what to do with these balls. She said the option of an overhead wasn't workable because the ball was too low. Hitting on the rise would likely cough up a weak shot. Backing way up for a groundstroke left her not hitting anything offensive, and the next shot would be yet another moonball.

My thought (as a non-singles player who really doesn't know the answer) was to step in and take it as a swinging volley. The idea would be that you wouldn't necessarily look to win the point off of the swinging volley, but it would take time away and perhaps give you a better angle.

What options does she have? She is all ears, 'cause this keeps happening to her and she thinks it is costing her the matches.
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