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Dear Sir,
I am a PTR certified coach and began assisting my NCAA coach in the mid nineties....What about donations? I work with at risk and disabled youth, through a non-profit organization that protects children exposed to poverty, violence, shootings, abuse and gang environments on a daily basis.
All of our kids get their food from the center. Several of the Juniors have attained top 20 California state rankings in the last few years.
I have been buying new racquets from TW since the days of ads in the back of tennis magazine in the early 90's...17 years, Mr. Munster, I have been your loyal client. the prince mono and yonex rd ti 70 came out when my parents were still alive, my Mom bought them from you.
What can TW do to give back to children to whom tennis, is literally a life saver? These kids never had a new pair of shoes in their entire life. Every pair of shoes came from the thrift store. Could you imagine what that was like???? anyone who wants to make a tax deductible contribution can contact me. I'd like for TW specifically to step up to the plate and do something great for these kids, though. Even a new racquet and pair of shoes to our top junior boy and girl would be like them winning the lottery. Please help us, we could use the support.
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