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Originally Posted by origmarm View Post
The moral of the story? Always be prepared for every type of player, even once you think you've "passed the level"
There's no level past the pusher, IMO. Bobby Riggs was undisputedly a pusher. More controversial is whether or not he was one of the greatest tennis players of all time. But consider that he eventually came to dominate his rival, Don Budge. His favorite weapon when Budge came to the net? The lob. And his groundstrokes were actually softly hit moonballs. No doubt, he was a pusher. If he could beat Don Budge, does that mean you think you could have beat Riggs? In fact, if all the greatest players could be assembled in an after-life, I don't know who would win. I don't think it would be a pusher, but I do think the GOAT would be a defensive player like Borg or Nadal. We admire offensive players but they're winning the hard way.
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