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Where is the hostility? I'm looking...

Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
You know, I have to disagree that the drama is just on the women's side (or even always present on a women's team).

My DC team...totally drama free. Everybody confirms. Everybody shows up. Great bunch of ladies. Sometimes people are late, but that is because of the bridge, and when it does happen, everybody gets on the phone to help out, and we even had one woman drive up, jump out of the car, and toss her keys to another player (who didn't have to play due to a default), and run out onto court while the other player parked her car for her.

Indoor team...again, drama free. I believe this is due to the great organization of the two captains. Great camaraderie, too. I'm am *so* happy to be on this team, I can't even say!

Outdoor team...ok, yes, drama here. At least, last year there was, and it was mostly due to one member. So, I didn't captain this year, nobody stepped up to replace me, and I'm now on another team.

Now, I do think that many people come on here and make those assumptions simply because Cindy is posting them. Should I post every time a match goes smoothly? No! How boring!!!

I have seen horrible sportsmanship and rudeness from guys playing USTA as well...maybe they are just not as prone to posting it on a message board?
Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Ahhh, no problem Shaun! I went into defensive mode, I guess, since I've heard there have been some ugly posts.

Yeah, it would be nice if everyone just did go out, have fun, play by the rules.

As is often mentioned in other threads, I think the people who don't necessarily play by the rules most of the time...don't know the rules. It usually, in my experience, isn't because of some kind of badly intentioned gamesmanship.

But then, I also think, in Cindy's last post (where the team hid in the bathroom), that that kind of stuff is what takes the joy and fun out of it sometimes. We must not let them do that!!!

Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Seriously...not making it up!

Again, it is not the norm. Other than bad line calls, none of my other players had any issues with their opponents. They all won, though, so easy to let some bad line calls roll off your shoulders.

Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples out there. I knew, once I saw I was playing her, what I was going to face. I think it was a good experience for me, so I know how to deal with such a player should I face that 'type' again. I played too sloppy in the second set, and it cost me. However, I didn't let her get to me! And of that, I am proud, because I don't think even a month ago that I could say the same.

And still, I'm not angry or upset. I just kind of have to laugh, and move on to my next match. 'Cause there's always another match!

And, she is the only opponent I've faced so far that hasn't *not* been a good sportswoman!

This particular league...I don't certainly has its characters. You get tougher for playing them I think. me the hositility? I have had *one* opponent that I have complained about, and none of it in a negative manner.

Again, you are the one saying something is there...when it isn't.
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