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Originally Posted by STN107 View Post
Then why is it necessary to brief your world on Tennis Warehouse about it. If everything is handled so well?
We all have situations that we handle but we do not have the need to tell this little community about it. Are you looking for validation? I just don't get it. But that is fine, I will go back to my real world, and don't worry, your attitude is why I never gather anything useful here. Passive/aggressive and pent up anger is what I read. Don't let it hurt so much, life is bigger than the tennis court.
This is a MESSAGE BOARD!!! People post things. Again, you have the option to not read.

In fact, I've had other people contact me who are disappointed that I am *not* writing up every match...because they enjoy following our progress and are able to see our love for playing tennis. I have wonder, again, why you are unable to see that.

There is much useful information on this board...but maybe you are blind to it because you are too high up and might on your pedestal and too busy judging the efforts of others?

I know life is much bigger. Which is why I wonder why some people get off on judging others and belitting their posts and efforts.

Again, show me the anger. Quote it. Since you say you see it, well...let us all see it.
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