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You just did, sweethart, you just did. And to be fair, Topaz, I am catagorizing a number of you women together, and that is not fair. I apologize for that. I don't read it all so accurately to know the difference in all you ladies, I won't name names as there is no need. And, I am not going to research you vs. the others, it just seems that everytime I look here someone is feeling cheated, or lost because of what the other side of the net did, and how honorable and fair and reseanable THEY were. We all like validation but I think a new forum could be helpful, so Adult League and Tournament Talk could be just that, and How I was HOOKED and CHEATED and other DRAMA a whole seperate category, just for you and your cohorts! I am off, as I have had enough laughs for the day! A real 4.5 singles game. Much more fun. And validating.
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