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Originally Posted by cak View Post
Is it possible she's positioned there because you serve and volley and she knows you prefer she cover the lobs on her side?
These women didn't lob, ever. They hit heavy topspin groundstrokes.

Besides, one needn't be all the way in no-man's land to defend the lob, especially if you are as fast and athletic as this partner was.

That said, I have a partner that plays right there, always. She's undefeated in 3.5 leagues over the past two years. (No idea why she wasn't bumped...) When I play with her I kind of play as a baseliner, for the few shots I get. I've tried serve and volley with her and it really, really doesn't work. Did you consider changing your style for matches you play with her?
What needed to change was our opponents. 'Cause they were hitting right at her feet, and she was missing.

I also know ladies who play in no-man's land with success. They have great half-volleys. The women I am thinking of do not move well, so this is their way of compensating. Believe me, if my partner were digging out these half-volleys, that would be less of a problem. But if you aren't going to make the half-volleys and you aren't going to be a threat to poach, what are you contributing by standing in no-man's land throughout the point?
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