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Originally Posted by STN107 View Post
Then why is it necessary to brief your world on Tennis Warehouse about it. If everything is handled so well?
We all have situations that we handle but we do not have the need to tell this little community about it. Are you looking for validation? I just don't get it. But that is fine, I will go back to my real world, and don't worry, your attitude is why I never gather anything useful here. Passive/aggressive and pent up anger is what I read. Don't let it hurt so much, life is bigger than the tennis court.
Don't take this personally or anything but . . . you have a post count of 12. Which means about half of your posts have been used to come here and tell other people what they should and should not talk about (while being inaccurate in several of your statements). In what way are you making TT a better place by doing that?

Rather than heckle -- and yes, that is what I think you are doing -- try starting a thread yourself. Pick a new and interesting topic, say something interesting. Show us all how it is done. If I think your thread is interesting, I will comment. If I think it is lame, I will wander off and do something else rather than heckle.

Perhaps I shouldn't single you out, as heckling seems to be in vogue around here lately among the more ill-mannered TT members. But you have used a great deal of energy simply to tell us all how you are Above It All, yet you're right here reading and posting on the very threads you claim to detest.

Food for thought, maybe?
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