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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
No, Nick. I don't mind if folks disagree with me on the substance of things. I do get annoyed when people parachute in merely to heckle. I mean, if a person is discussing league tennis, then they are doing what we're supposed to be doing. If they are discussing How Much They Don't Like A TT Member or wish only to decree that this or that topic is stupid, then they are just a rude little troll, IMHO. If all they do is post insulting little pictures while the grown-ups are having a conversation, then I start to wonder if they are autistic such that I should be a tad more more understanding of their disability.

I don't find Topaz to be overly aggressive. I think she has displayed *way* more patience with this place than I have. I have met Topaz, and I think she rocks.

Please keep in mind that TT is a very young and very male place. There is nothing wrong with that, until things veer into disrespecting the women here. When that happens, some of the women get a bit irked. Can you blame us?
I agree, what is the point of a league tennis board if not to post about the experiences, and I think your stuff has a bit of human interest, so its all good with me. If what you wrote was not interesting then I wouldnt bother with it, and so thank you for your contribution to cyber-life.

PS disrespect women,not cool!- my mother was a woman and it never did her any harm. Take care, and more match reports soon pls.
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