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Originally Posted by shell View Post
This week, I lost my USTA 4.5 singles badly. I was playing up from 4.0, but our team is a high level 4.0 team.

I finished my match and was chatting with my opponent. We ended up drilling some crosscourt forehands for about 15-20 min., then exchanged numbers to call each other for further drilling. We discovered that we both like to drill rather than always play sets in practice.

No drama, no hooking line calls, no nothing - and possibly a newfound drilling partner.

Just as an example of my experience. Good tennis, good sportsmanship - or sportswomanship. This has been what I have experienced so far. Thought this might balance out the horrible experiences posted so far.
I had a nice tennis day also, Shell.

I played an 8-person clinic this morning consisting of two of the clinics my pro teaches (if that makes sense). What do these ladies have in common, besides the pro?

We've all beaten or lost to each other in USTA play and no one clawed anyone's eyes out! I lost to two of the ladies in a super-competitive 7.5 combo match last fall, and now I have the pleasure of having one as a partner in 4.0. I have beaten some of the others in various matches (although not as often as I would like!), and they have beaten me.

Good tennis, lots of laughs. And we even played some no-bounce doubles! No drama that I could tell.

Unless you count the fact that two of the ladies are Asian and someone had told me that they were mother/daughter. So I kinda insulted one by suggesting that she was the mom, while at the same time making myself look like a clueless pinhead who assumes all Asians are related. Ouch.

And Nick, thanks for your remarks. I look forward to hearing some of your tennis exploits, dramatic or otherwise!
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