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If you are not sure about a call, you have to play the ball as being in. YOu did the right thing. As long as you don't make it a habit of playing obviously out balls, you are doing fine. If the serving side makes a big stink about you playing out serves, tell them to serve slower so that you can make better line calls. That should shut them up!

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During one of my matches, I had set point and hit the ball nice and deep and my opponent missed it. During the set changeover, he says it was out and he missed the call because he thought it was going to land in and then waited too long and missed the call. I was slightly annoyed because I just won a set and my opponent is telling me he gave me the set point by missing an out call.

Things like this happen and if the call is not made, then the ball is good regardless of whether it was actually in or not. People can't dwell on a missed out call because once its played, thats it its in the past and should no longer matter. I just forget about it. I'd rather my opponent give me an incorrect call in my favor than hook me. I do the same for my opponents so it all evens out.
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