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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
OK, lets do it step by step:
1) They made a deal, Kirby did not respond. THe OP started the thread.
2) This thread (up till #7 post) made Kirby respond finally, which the OP shared with us in the post #7.
Anything before post 7 holds your initial argument.

3) In post #7, we see that the racket was shipped as Kirby responded
4) My response - post#12 talks about the shipping, since in #7 appears that Kirby shipped the racket
5) you, on the other hand, still think that the racket was NOT shipped and that the OP is concerned about the correspondence rather than the tracking number and shipping time.

Initial point WAS that the seller ignored him, everything after the post #7 is NOT about it any more...shown in OP's post #9

Next time, let me know, I can draw it for you...
why are you so thickheaded??? Fluffy was making a point about Kirby NOT making any contact, hence the START of the thread. #7 has nothing to do with Fluffy's post to you. You said to wait two weeks to make a refrence such as this, but you were clearly meaning the SHIPPING TIME since you know from #7 he MAY have shipped. Fluffy's post to YOU was just stating the fact the thread started because of Kirby's ignoring the OP. are really, really clueless and I am shocked you continue to argue. Why don't you RE-READ this thread and really try hard to understand what is going on. If you have been in aterrible car accident and have little to no comprehension, then fine (please let us know), but there is something wrong with you if you don't get what Fluffy is god!
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