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Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
According to rule 11, a ball is in play, unless a fault or let is called. You were right to play if the call is in doubt, and your opponent wants to have two bites at the apple after missing the put away. However, I would play a let if the server caught the ball and declared the first serve out. Normally the server will call second serve, but I would let them have a first.
I too look more charitably upon an opponent who catches the ball or makes no effort to play it than one who tries to play it and misses.

Part of why I am somewhat stubborn about this rule is that I play with certain women who . . . um . . . have played for years and still haven't bothered to read the Rules/Code. It seems that the only way they will learn is if I enforce the rules. It gets annoying to play with people who serve the ball, you return it, they just stand there gaping, and then they say "Oh, I thought that was out. Can I serve again?" I make very clear out calls, so if you don't hear a call, you'd better play the return.
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