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Default My improvement process

Hi. I am 18 years 10 months old right now and i have been playing tennis for 9 months now. I have played 10-12 hours a week so far(if i could, i would play 15-20 hours). My NTRP ranking is 3.0(i am almost 3.5).
I really regret because i didn't start playing it when i was so young. I know i have the disadvantage of being late and so i try hard and have a discipline. I have a so great desire that i would play 10 hours a day if my body let me do it. I really am never bored of playing tennis.
I will change my location and play a lot more of tennis everyday after next month.
What would you recommend me to do?
What do you think?
What is the highest level i can reach by playing 2-3 hours a day?
Am i too late?
Can you encourage me a little bit please?

Thank you.
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