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Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
I find it doubtful that she is losing to 3.0 players because of too much pressure. Pressure might have an effect at times, but not that great of an effect.

I think either 1) they are not truly 3.0, hinted by the fact that they are playing up in a 3.5 league and beating someone who is a strong 3.5 player, or 2) she is not a good singles player. You can be athletic and still lose in singles if you don't have consistent strokes or the right strategy and shot selections. I started improving in doubles faster than in singles initially, then it sorta reversed.
Raiden, on your 3.0 team that went to Nationals, was there a lot of pressure? Maybe not on you, but on some of the players who lost a bit more frequently? Did they get benched?
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