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Originally Posted by blakesq View Post
in Connecticut there is an unwritten rule that captains of teams were not supposed to poach players from other teams. Not sure how or if it is enforced, but the captain of my team mentioned this rule to me just a week or so ago. I wonder if you guys don't have the same rule in your area Cindy?
Goodness no. There's no such rule here.

Some captains are big on "loyalty" -- read Guilt Trip -- but I'm not. If you do a crap job as captain, your players owe you nothing other than to do their best to perform well.

I think it is fine to make offers to players on other teams, but my feeling is that players often act like idiots when this happens. All you have to say is, "Thanks for thinking of me, but I'll stick with Suzy's team for now." But nooooo. Folks have to make a big fat deal out of it.

Me, I do make offers to people if I know them from some other tennis forum. That would be people I meet in clinics, people on my other teams, people I meet socially. I have had people leave their teams and join mine from these invitations. Sometimes there are players on strong teams who are unhappy because they don't get enough playing time or enough of a challenge or don't like their partners or captain, but they are trapped. If they want out, I'm happy to take them.

CAK, I think I will try to set something up now rather than waiting for the season to end. Why not? The worst that can happen is she'll decline.
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