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Originally Posted by CrocodileRock View Post
Deja vu Cindy. In our case, we've had three guys join other teams they thought were more competitive than us after committing to us, and exchanging emails, phone calls, team strategies, etc. In all three cases, they left a competitive team for a "more competitive" team (even though our team has won five straight years) that they thought was going to nationals. And in all three cases, the teams they joined ended up in last place. It hasn't been that awkward seeing them around though. Maybe that's a woman thing?
What's up with the committing repeatedly and then backing out stuff?

I can't imagine telling a player she has a spot and then waiting until the season is about to start and teams have been formed and then tossing her out on her butt because someone stronger comes along. Yet players do that to captains.

Man. I turned down a bunch of players because my roster was full, and then this happened. I wasn't able to find anyone to fill the spot, and certainly not anyone capable of playing Court One. Urrrrgg.
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