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Originally Posted by QuErorZ View Post
Hi. I am 18 years 10 months old right now and i have been playing tennis for 9 months now. I have played 10-12 hours a week so far(if i could, i would play 15-20 hours). My NTRP ranking is 3.0(i am almost 3.5).
I really regret because i didn't start playing it when i was so young. I know i have the disadvantage of being late and so i try hard and have a discipline. I have a so great desire that i would play 10 hours a day if my body let me do it. I really am never bored of playing tennis.
I will change my location and play a lot more of tennis everyday after next month.
What would you recommend me to do?
What do you think?
What is the highest level i can reach by playing 2-3 hours a day?
Am i too late?
Can you encourage me a little bit please?

Thank you.
I would definitely encourage you.
You are definitely not too late too continue to improve your game.
There is something intrinsically fun about hitting that little yellow ball.
But it can also be the source of many friendships, and part of a healthy lifestyle.
Obviously the best way to improve your tennis, is to play more tennis.
If you can, lessons from a pro to learn techniques and tactics is the best way to go.
But you can also learn a lot about technique, fitness, and equipment here on talk tennis and get video instruction on Fuzzy Yellow Balls:
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