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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
We have not put the new Radical Pro on the RDC yet to measure specs.

The Feel of the MG Radical Pro is a tad firmer then the YouTek Speed MP. The Pro version has a more similar, solid yet firm response. The Speed MP felt a tad softer to me, but the level of power/control was similar. Both impress me off the ground but for different reasons. The MG Radical Pro has some really nice plough through and I get some great penetration on my shots with that stick. The Speed MP offers slightly more feel and I can judge the depth of my shots with it immediately. The MG Radical Pro doesn't offer me quite that instant sense of being dialed in and takes me a few shots to guage. With the Speed MP, I feel dialed in from the first shot.

Both great sticks and you should demo them side by side as this is going to come down to feel as the differences are small.

And yes, that YouTek Radical Pro still impresses me more.

Chris, TW

What feels different about the new youtek radical pro? How would you compare to the new Dunlop 4d 300 tour and the 4d 200?
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