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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Sorry you had a bad experience. In my USTA experience, this is very rare. I have found 99% of players to be more than fair.

Sure there are occasional bad line calls. But I think these are overwhelmingly honest mistakes rather than attempts to cheat. After all, even professional linespeople make mistakes, and they are trained, right on the line, not sweating, and not focusing on getting into position to hit the ball.

Also, sometimes you might see it in from your side on the court when in reality it was out, especially on the opposite baseline. I mean it's pretty far away, and you dont have a good angle to see it.
I am in complete agreement with OrangePower on this one. As others have stated, my USTA experiences in both league and tournament play have shown that most players are fair, and yes, even "more than fair."

As a spectator, I've seen far more players who play the "just long" ball on the baseline than I've seen players who call a shot "on" the baseline out. As a player, my experience is that most players will play a questionable ball rather than call it out. Always? No. But usually.

I see this a lot on serves that are just long. This is perhaps the most "missed" call in all of tennis. It's especially prevalent with a player who serves hard and fast. Of course playing an "out" serve can create problems as well, but for the purposes of this conversation, it serves as a good example of how most players will give their opponent the benefit of the doubt.

OrangePower is correct in this respect as well: The opponent's baseline is a long way from where you are, and determining whether or not your ball hit the baseline on the opposite side of the court is difficult at best, if not impossible.

I hit with lots of topspin. so my ball tend to dip quickly as it falls. Therefor a ball that looks (in the air) to be going long, often dips in. OFTEN, but not always. I've had many opponents "leave" a ball that appears to be on its way out only to end up hitting or catching the baseline concede the point as a good shot. This happens FAR more often than having such a player on such a shot call the ball out.

OrangePower is correct in this respect as well. Line judges stare at lines, and yet even they sometimes make poor calls. Calling lines while actually playing can sometimes be extremely trying. That's not an excuse for bad calls, it's just a fact. Again in my experience, most players give their opponents the benefit of the doubt.

To the original poster: We all know how infuriating it can be to have a good shot called out, so I can empathize with you there. BUT, maybe, just maybe, the shots are "just" out and the calls are good. "Just missing" a shot is nearly as infuriating, but the fault lies not with my opponent but rather with me.

And yes, as other have said, some players have poor eyesight. That sucks, but ... When it comes to outright cheaters, my experience has shown me that such players are VERY rare.
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