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It's been too long since I hit with the FXP Radicals.

The color is darker than the LM Radicals. It is still orange, but has much more red in it than yellow. The color is brighter, too.

The mass feels somewhere between the Dunlop 4D 300 Tour and 4D 200. The YouTek Radical Pro has some really nice flex to it, especially towards the upper hoop and I get a lot of feel from it up there. The feel from the stringbed is livelier than both Dunlops due to the open string pattern. I would compare the 4D 300 Tour to the regular YT Radical or a Babolat Pure Storm (although the YT Radical feels a tad more powerful to me) and the 4D 200 to the Prestige line.

I think if you like the 4D 200, you'll also like the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95.

Chris, TW

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