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I think I heard Gamma leather grips approached Fairway in mass, but was just inconsistent from grip to grip, including some possible cosmetic blemishes. I would go for Babolat because it says it is a full inch wide, and I sure haven't heard about many inconsistencies there. The problem as I see it with Babolat is that it is a little on the thin side. But hey, it should have even more feel and make a 4 5/8 grip size closer to 4 9/16, which would be great.

Whatever you do, stay away from Wilson. It is horrible horrible horrible. The only good thing is the nice bright tan color of a "classic" leather grip. Other than that, it is hard to feel the ridges because there is none. It causes arm strain because it is so hard to hold onto. Maybe wrapping without almost any overlap would make this better, but obviously that is not the way to go either. I think the older Wilson leather grips were better, but definitely not the ones that you can buy now or that come on the Tour 90. I think before I read as Balmforth was going out, Wilson bought their last grips and stamped them Wilson. I don't know how true that is, but they definitely felt better before.
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